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Beauty and health supplements

New Flavor Amazake Granola

Rp 95,672.41

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Happiness rice

Beauty and health supplements

New Flavor Amazake Granola

Rp 95,672.41

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This is healthy granola made with popular Amazake called "drinkable IV drip", which is made with oats and home-roasted brown rice. It has a Japan-made dried persimmon-accented flavor. Even if you do not like to drink Amazake as it is, you can easily intake nutrients by just eating this granola. It is additive-free in food preservatives, coloring agent, and fragrance. Pouring milk makes the sweetness blend into milk and the taste gets even better.

Contains: 200g

■ Ingredients:

Oats, reduced malt starch syrup, rice bran oil, powdered Amazake (sugar, sake lees, dextrin, salt, processed starch, stabilizer (Xanthan gum), sweetener (stevia), roasted brown rice, brown rice powder, dried persimmon

■ Contains: 200 g

■ Weight (incl. packaging): 208 g

■ Place of origin: Japan

■ How to serve:

① Sprinkle 20~30g of granola on 100g of yogurt.

(serve with fresh fruits if you prefer)

② Pour 100cc of milk or soy milk over 40g of granola.

③ Sprinkle 15g of granola on ice cream.

There are more recommended recipes.

■ Caution:

・Avoid direct sunlight

・Avoid high temperature and humidity (fat oxidizes.)

■ How to store: at room temperature

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V04771999028

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