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  9. Girly tea 6 teabags - Stand Up Pouch (pink)


Girly tea 6 teabags - Stand Up Pouch (pink)

Rp 70,264.60

In Stock V04668999028


Girly tea 6 teabags - Stand Up Pouch (pink)

Rp 70,264.60

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A hot item of the 3rd series "Girly tea" is an easy-to-make sweet hydrangea tea, whose package is planned and designed by high school girls. Sweet hydrangea tea is known as a traditional tea for flower festival to celebrate Buddha's birthday. It is free of caffeine, sugar, and calories, which is good for health and beauty, and also has a perfect sweetness. Treat yourself with something nice, or it is a great gift as well.

Type: stand up pouch (pink)

It contains 6 teabags.


 All ingredients: phyllodulcin, isophyllodulcin methanol extract, tannin, saponin, rutin, and others.

 Contains: 1g x 6 teabags

 Total Weight (g):17

 Name of Category: food (herb tea)

 Country of Origin: Japan


Best consumed immediately after opening the package.

Allergen is not contained as ingredients.

Making this herb tea thick and strong or overconsumption can result in general stomach pain and heartburn.

Item No. V04668999028

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