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Traditional Japanese Sweets

Refreshing Throat Drop

Rp 70,170.98

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Traditional Japanese Sweets

Refreshing Throat Drop

Rp 70,170.98

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One piece gives such a soothing sensation. This cough drop is made with 9 types of herb extracts (Japanese bell flower, cumquat, licorice, jujube, Luo Han Kuo, immature orange, citrus unshiu peel, ginseng, Plantago) that our shop master carefully selected. When you have a sore throat, take one to soothe your throat as well as your mood. If you need any cough drops, you just have to try this one.

■Ingredients: sugar, starch syrup, platy codon, daylily, kumquat, nutmeg, luo han guo, immature orange, citrus unshiu peel, carrot, plantain, fragrance
Contents: 100g 
Made in Japan
Serving Instructions: Remove from package and eat as is.
*Store avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature, and damp areas.
*Do not let children consume when lying down or being carried on your back. Cut into an appropriate size so as not to get caught in the child's throat. Please watch over until children finish the candy. 
Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature 
Manufacturer: Daimonji Ame Co., Ltd. 

There may be product revision in the future and the package design and listed contents may change without notice.

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  ・ Japan

Item No. V01153999028
Jan: 4901922720501

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