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Rice, Bread, Noodle

Mixed Grains 180g

Rp 94,912.39

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Rice, Bread, Noodle

Mixed Grains 180g

Rp 94,912.39

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A black rice "Kitanomurasaki" which are particular about having fewer agrochemicals and fertilizer and contains healthy ingredients such as polyphenol and anthocyanin is combined with mixed grains. Just adding a regular rice, you can enjoy nutrient-rich rice, containing vitamin, mineral, dietary fiber, and so on. The ideal amount of this product is for 1 large spoon per 1 Go of rice (= 1 cup approx. 150g). You will be satisfied with a small amount which is recommended as a dietary food.



Ingredients: black rice "Kitanomurasaki"glutinous millet (Hokkaido-made), barnyard milletfoxtail millet, rolled barley (Japan-made)

Contains: 180g x 11

Weight (incl. packaging): 190g

Place of origin: Japan

How to serve:

1) Rinse rice and add water a little more than usual

2) Approx. 1 large spoon of mixed grain per 1 Go of rice (approx. 150g)

3) Mix lightly and cook (for a better result, let it soak water for approx. 2 hours)

4) Delicious grain mixed rice is ready!


No need to wash. If you care, it is ok to rinse quickly with water.

Serve after cooking

How to store: store  at room temperature

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Item No. V04744999028
Jan: 4589998260093

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