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Stoles, Mufflers

Panel Checkered Shawl (S) Blue

Rp 1,280,429.55

In Stock V05276999028

Stoles, Mufflers

Panel Checkered Shawl (S) Blue

Rp 1,280,429.55

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Large panel-pattern shawl made of cotton.

It is attractive in its airy, light and comfortable feeling and

it has a wrapped-like presence to it.


It uses sirospun yarns which are made with the sirospun spinning technology,

and the double weave creates air layers, making the fabric's texture nice and soft.


Long fringe accentuates the shawl, and you can enjoy wearing it in many different ways.

As it is unisex color, it will be a perfect gift for your significant other.


Color: Blue

Materials: 100% Cotton

Made in Hyogo

Brand's Name: hatsutoki

Size: Small

Size Details: Length 150 cm, Width 75 cm

Weight(g) (item only): 130

Weight(g) (incl. packaging): 140

Handling Caution:

This item uses a delicate material with its emphasis on its texture.

Putting an excessive pressure on the material may cause the seams to open and the threads to break.

Do not put too much pressure on it especially when washing, putting on/taking off, and wearing it.

・Be careful with accessories, nails, and any sharp objects.

・Hand-washing is recommended. Do not use a tumble dryer.

Item No. V05276999028

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