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Business slippers / Wingtip loafers with a deep upper and dressy medallion

Rp 1,798,968.38

4582237260892 In Stock V03187XXX028
Lucky Bell


Business slippers / Wingtip loafers with a deep upper and dressy medallion

Rp 1,798,968.38

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Real leather office slippers. Made by craftsmen in the hometown of shoe manufacture, Nagata, Japan.   Slippers look just like dress shoes, so you can wear them with guests or when stepping outside the office.  Soles made with non-slip processed EVA. Proprietary U-shaped "heel pillow" cushion prevents heels slipping sideways and maintains stability. Toe uses iodine compound formulated shock absorber material "dipolgy plus i-foam". Features great cushioning, and  bacteria-suppressing effect to preserve cleanliness.  Wingtip loafers with a deep upper and dressy medallion.

■ Size details (cm):
S (24.5 to 25.0)
M (25.5 to 26.0)
L (26.5 to 27.0)
■ Weight (product only) [g]: One foot about 200 g
■ Weight (including packing materials) [g]:  About 600 g
■ Materials / Ingredients: Upper: Leather Insole: Synthetic leather / non-slip material (inside of toe: dipolgy plus eye) bottom: EVA + high density rubber
■ Origin: Made in Japan
■ Handling Precautions: Take brushing and take dust etc. like general leather shoes, please paint cream etc. dedicated to leather shoes.
■ Brand name: E Green
■ Manufacturer name: Lucky Bell Co., Ltd.

Item No. V03187XXX028
Jan: 4582237260892

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