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Tea (green tea)

Float Lemon Tea - Premium Green Tea

Rp 189,824.77

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Tea (green tea)

Float Lemon Tea - Premium Green Tea

Rp 189,824.77

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Float Lemon Tea series has a new addition to their popular lineup.

Japanese traditional green tea and lemon make a delicious cup of tea.

The first flush green tea leaves from Kanejyu Tea Farm in Shizuoka with the dried lemon slice
offer a new way of drinking green tea. Usually, lemon's strong acidity ruin green tea's natural sweetness
and flavor but the thinly sliced dried lemon releases much less acidity or bitterness. 

Enjoy green tea's fresh flavor with the first cup, then add the dried lemon slice
for a novel and refreshing taste. 

Click here for "Float Lemon Tea - Low Caffeine Green Tea". 

■Content: 【Green Tea 3g, Dried Lemon Slice x 1】x 5
■Ingredients: Green Tea, Lemon
■Weight (Including Packaging): 80g
■Made in Yamaguchi
■Place of Origin:【Green Tea】Shizuoka 【Lemon】Hiroshima
■How to serve:
1.Place the tea bag in a cup and pour 150ml of hot water (80-85℃). 
2.Steep for 40 seconds, remove the tea bag. 
3.Enjoy the green tea.
4.Put the tea bag back in the cup and pour hot water again to enjoy the green tea with the lemon slice.
*Refrigerate the lemon slice until it's served with the tea.
・Use the tea bag as soon as possible once the individual package is opened.
・Avoid direct sunlight, high humidity/temperature.
・The dried lemon slice and the tea bag are packaged together, some green tea might be on the lemon slice.
・The dried lemon slice might have seeds or some parts that are reddish. 
・The size of the dried lemon slice may vary.
■Storage: Store at room temperature. 
■Manufacturer: Mitsuura-Jozo Co., LTD. 

Item No. V05516999028
Jan: 4993586884019

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